Spring is here! Cleaning & Fun Kid Activities.


I love spring! I’m excited about the change of weather. Another thing I love about spring, is spring cleaning, and it’s the perfect time to get my life in the order lol. Once my cleaning/deep cleaning is done I like to go through the kids clothes and bag up the clothes they no longer can fit to donate them. Then shopping time! Woot Woot!

Were you guys able to get some spring cleaning done yet?ย ย 

The weather here in Las Vegas has been beautiful!, and it’s time to start planning family outings. I LOVE planning, so when spring and summer rolls around I’m always looking for fun activities for the kids. My baby girl Saniyah is 1 now so I think she will enjoy the activities more this year as well.

Yesterday, I took the kids outside to play and they had a ball. Saniyah wasn’t feeling it at first but she got out there and started playing with her brother. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jaaziah loves being outside and making new friends. Anytime there’s new kids out playing he’s running up to them talking, and starts playing with them lol he’s so friendly.ย  I’m so happy we got out the house and enjoyed the day.



Here are a few fun spring & summer activities I enjoy doing with my kids. (Indoor and Outdoor)

  • Just simply taking a walk outside and letting the kids get some fresh air. Get some bubbles or chalk and let the kids have a little more fun.
  • Go to the park, pack a lunch & enjoy the sunshine with your kids. ( We have a small playground in our apartments so it’s great on days that I may not have the car.)
  • Indoor playgrounds are always nice and another option for a nice inside play day and my kids love it!
  • Fun arts & crafts is fun as well.
  • Pool day or Cook out is always nice especially around the summer months.


What are some things you and your family enjoy doing or planning to do this time of year?ย 


15 thoughts on “Spring is here! Cleaning & Fun Kid Activities.

  1. The weather here in Utah has been back and forth between hot and cold. We love to go outside on sunny days, but the past few days have been pretty chilly. I wish we had an indoor park around here somewhere, and if we do then I don’t know about it. Love your list of activities!

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  2. Hi Shantell!

    Loved this post!

    This is a great list of fun things to do outside during the summer. Itโ€™s still snowing here in Montana ๐Ÿ™ but once our late winter is finally over Iโ€™ll try some of these!

    Thanks for the great read!

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  3. I love Spring and Summer, I was born in Summer so it’s definitely my time of year. Now that my daughter is older, she loves being outside too. We like to go for walks, mostly at the park in the hidden trails. We like to ride our bikes, and pick flowers. There is so much that you can do outside, never a dull moment.

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  4. Your kids are so adorable. I am loving the kinda weather spring we are getting here lol. I have to finish my spring cleaning this month. It’s coming along but I want it done.

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